Health Vlog: Day 1 – Ongoing Plexus Triplex Review

After four months of deliberating, I have decided to try out Plexus. Today is my first day, and I am beginning a vlog series to document if these products work and any progress I make.

These vlog entries are intended to keep me accountable and motivated to continue toward a healthier lifestyle. I’d love to hear from you! Please post your comments or questions. Have you tried Plexus, or any other health supplements, before? Have you had any success? Sound off in the comments, but please keep it respectful and productive.

***Plexus Regimen***

Day 1 — 1 Slim in the AM

Day 2 — 1 Slim in the AM

Day 3 — 1 Slim in the AM

Day 4 — to be updated with next vlog entry


age: 35

weight: 214 lbs.

waist: 41.5 in.

stomach: 45.5 in.

energy level: minimal

sleep: 7-8 hrs./day

average steps: 3,000/day

exercise: none

water intake: 32-64 oz./day

fast food intake: daily

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