Network Marketing Training| How To Build Momentum In 3 Steps

Free cheatsheets- video series- hub- this video you’ll learn how to build momentum

How to get into momentum starting today

1 First, reality check- everything you have in life today is actually a by product of what’s happened in your mindset and you’ve created it

You have the personal responsibility and the power to change things.

It can be scary but at the same time it is exciting because if you can figure out this whole mindset thing you can do very well

Everything you have right now is the result of how you think.

Steps to take: Surround yourself in positive, proactive thoughts – reading. and be selective of who you spend your time with. Get around positive, driven people.

Think about this – the five people that you spend the most time with, thats what you end up with.

2 How to get your confidence – when you feel like you’re stuck on level 1 and you know its possible to get to level 10

Steps: Do enough readings, watch enough people, get confidence in the pitch and how you approach people

When you start going more certain and assertive, the responses become much more straight in and not thinking about it

So practice and find your touch. Realize that the responses you are getting and usually a mirror of what you are projecting. If you are getting a lot of maybes or i’ll see how you do – its a good sign that your approach is probably very hesitant. lacking certainty

Think about this: Tony Robbins- he who is most certain influences the other person every time

It is like sports (for those of you who follow or relate to sports) – when you don’t hesitate and you go hard you come out on top. But if you hesitate in sports you get crushed

How to get into confidence:

To get confidence, practice, be prepared, role playing. practice your approach -practice your intro, story, every single section

– Michael Jordan- preparation kills all fear.

What are things you can do to keep your people motivated? Before distractions come in

Run a tight system that has daily and weekly actions. systems are big, get them into the right info, making it a habit

Jim Rohn- “Turn the frustration into fascination- isn’t that interesting.” This quote will keep you sane and emotionally stable.

3 Habit to be successful- have a great morning- health routine, affirmations, vitalize the body and get set up for a good day. How you start the day off has a huge impact on the first few hours.

You’ve gotta take massive action. Take enthusiastic big action. Mediocre average action just doesn’t get paid. It won’t create a movement, build a happy customer base or motivated team. Build your confidence to go with certainty, be well prepared, and well trained. If you’re going through the motions you get people who are going through the motions.

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