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(MLSP Review)

Are YOU serious about Getting More Leads, Sales, Signups, Clients and Cash Flow? EXCELLENT YOU are absolutely in the Right Place.

I’m going to show YOU Seven Online Marketing Secrets You Must Know to Conquer The Internet. 

I Mentor Network, Affiliate and Internet Marketers using the most.  Current Concepts Skills and Techniques. The day was March 30, 2009 and it was freezing out.

I was living in Illinois and I had an MLM kitchen table presentation set up in a few hours that I really didn’t want to go on. Have you ever felt like that? I’ve learned that to be successful we don’t have to feel like it, but we must do it. But, what if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing or what to ask. That’s where Google and MLSP came in. I wrote this MLSP review with you in mind.


I wanted to Conquer The Internet. But, I didn’t know much about Internet Land. Mostly, I was building Successfully Offline. But, I was getting tired and a bit burnt out. I actually bought my first mansion in the summer of 2004. But, it was a tremendous amount of work and I wasn’t home much. It was like I had two great paying jobs.

I was always doing network marketing entertaining, training and appointments to the tune of eighty plus hours a week. Have you ever felt like that?

That’s where Google and My Lead System Pro came in. I was finally sick and tired enough to type into Google: How Do I Get Leads OnLine?

What happened next was amazing and that is why I felt compelled to write this My Lead System Pro Review.

In the search results a trial of MLM Lead System Pro came up. That is what MLSP was called back in 2009 and this system was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a true Home Based Business that did not require me to leave my home. Also, I wanted the technology to be able to Expand Worldwide. I basically wrote this My Lead System Pro Review for Two Types Of People.

First, for people who already have a business. But, they didn’t know exactly what they would need to gain More Exposure, More Leads, Clients, Cash Flow and Sales or even what to ask.

Second, is for people looking to Start A Business. I’ll bet you know of people like me who earn crazy full time incomes from home all while being able to enjoy life more. They’ve learned to leverage the Power Of The Internet. Deep down you know you can do this and YOUR RIGHT!

MLSP Online Secrets

There are seven major online secrets that I’m covering in this My Lead System Pro Review. When you implement them correctly they will save you thousands of dollars and take years off your learning curb. MLSP SECRET ONE

Number one is that YOU must brand yourself and not your company, product or service. You must start right away today, branding YOU.

You do this by injecting valuable content into Internet Land on a consistent basis. Content that your target market can’t get enough of because it makes their lives better.

What most people do is the exact opposite. They pitch their company, product or service and that is why north of ninety percent of business owners stay broke.


Number two is the ability to create YOUR Own Offers. The number one asset for any business owner is their list of customers and prospects that they own.

In order to do this something of value is offered in exchange for their email address. We call that Building YOUR List.

Next, you begin to nurture the list, build rapport, add value to their lives, and in time build a relationship that will last a lifetime. Lifetime relationships lead to a Lifetime of Residual Income.


Moving on to number three is what all top earners have in their business so that they don’t lose money.

YOU’LL need a Professional CRM.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. Most people know that the Fortune Is In The Follow Up.

Therefore, without a great CRM that stores notes on your prospects along with the ability to schedule appointments. Tag, Label and rate your prospects, see upcoming calls, daily tasks, and send custom built pre-written emails. All on your behalf you’ll lose a lot of money and business to your competitors.

The truth is that you can earn all the cash you want and have the time to enjoy it. But, you must have an upfront educational platform in place so that you can Earn While YOU Learn. Earning While YOU Learn Is Smart!

Staying in business long enough to reap the rewards of the residual lifestyle is genius.

For me it’s My Lead System Pro all the way. For a Risk Free Test Drive Today by Visiting.

Jeffrey Kistner 321- 205 – 7865

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