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Plexus Slim network marketing reps: Stop pestering friends and family about your opportunity.. Learn how 7-figure earners build huge businesses using tactics rarely taught at live events and on Plexus Slim webinars.

If you wish to become a top earner, the way to do it is to implement a promotional plan that puts your message in front of thousands of people – not merely a handful of friends, family members and people you know.

It’s imperative you master the basics of marketing- like any real business

Here are 3 strategies 7-figure income earners use to build network marketing empires today:

– Use Free Information To Generate Leads

Generating leads for your Plexus Slim business comes down to two steps:

1. Drive network marketers to visit your website. Good sources of traffic are popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

2. On your website, offer a valuable free training in exchange for the visitor’s contact information Make sure to focus your guide on solving one or more of the biggest problems in network marketing:

– Too little revenue

– Poor retention

– Your downline isn’t duplicating enough

– Lead poverty, running out of people to approach about the business

You could offer a free Email Course, one instructional email per day for 5-10 days. Either create the training yourself, or outsource it.

Provide training that’s better than what a typical prospect would expect from a free offer. Prospects will judge you by this first impression, and that impression will influence how they regard you as a leader in Plexus Slim.

Because you’ve created a strong first impression, you’re likely to sponsor a larger percentage of prospects into your Plexus Slim opportunity. Build the relationship by continuing to provide free instructional tips via email. At the end of each email, promote a product or your Plexus Slim opportunity.

– Build Differently

Networkers in opportunities like Plexus Slim are told to do the following:

– Make a list of friends and family

– Approach these people. Pitch your Plexus Slim opportunity

– Find out if they want to join

Most people do NOT succeed with these traditional tactics. Only about 5% of network marketers make a profit. 95% lose money every month.

There are major flaws with these old ways of building. People have no one left to approach after the approach everyone on their list. Networkers have no clue how to generate leads. Their business just stalls.

It’s going to require five to seven years of gruntwork to build a big downline using old school methods. Very few people can withstand losing money for years before they make a profit. In order to profit, you must do things differently.

– Learn to generate leads on the internet

– Promote affiliate products in addition to your network marketing deal. with this, you earn money from prospects who choose NOT to join your Plexus Slim venture.

– Add a high ticket offer to your business that pays commission of $1,000 pr more per sale. You won’t need to spend years building a huge downline in order to make a lot of money.

– Market In A Way That Suits Your Temperament

Very often, new marketers in companies such as Plexus Slim choose a marketing strategy because it was recommended by their upline, NOT because it suits their temperament. People end up feeling frustrated and they don’t get results.

When you begin marketing Plexus Slim online, it’s critical to choose a method of marketing that’s a fit for your personality. If you market in a way that’s congruent with your personality, you’ll reap a lot of advantages:

– You are likely to be much more consistent in your marketing efforts.

– Persistence- You’re less likely to quit Plexus Slim marketing activities you enjoy doing.

– Skill- You are more likely to excel at Plexus Slim promotion tasks you like doing versus those you don’t like.

It’s important to decide whether paid strategies or free promotional strategies suits you. Paid traffic will come more quickly than free traffic, but it requires an advertising budget. Some popular paid strategies include:

– Ezine (online magazine) advertising

– Facebook advertising

– Images ads (also called banner ads

Free promotion strategies are common, but you have to put in the time and work required to reap results. Some free tactics include:

– Leveraging Twitter and Facebook to promote your content.

– Marketing with videos on Youtube.

– Blogging about network marketing topics to attract qualified leads.

Does connecting and being social sound like you? If that’s the case, then consider marketing on social media sites Get The System Designed To Make You A Top Earner In Plexus Slim

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