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Introduction to XECOIN

From our devices, and appliances, to our cars, homes and offices, we are depended on the production, distribution and consumption of energy.

As a ubiquitous necessity, energy is a tradable commodity that we cannot live without.

With XecoinTM, we digitize and democratize energy by converting it into a transferable cryptocurrency.

XecoinTM empowers you by allowing you to mine, store and trade this essential commodity and can also protect assets against any downturns in the economy.

Underwritten with energy developed using state-of-the-art clean energy technologies, the Hybrid POS/POW coin contains transactions verifiable on the public blockchain.

XeCoin is a Core X-11 hybrid coin

It is one of the first fully functional, fully hybrid concurrent POW and POS coins available on the market today. The technology that founds XeCoin is considered to be a revolutionary step in blockchain development.

XeCoin is underwritten with electricity that is developed using American Lithium Nanotechnology. This fact makes Xe one of the first coins underwritten by a commodity. XeCoin 50% faster than BTC with 5 min block times and represents a venture to new angles in the cryptocurrency community.

Multi Platform Blockchain Applications

Top quality applications for current and future platforms. Always furthering the expansion and possibilities in Blockchain Design

Algorithms up to 10x Faster than Bitcoin

Answering the industry by providing lightning fast transfer protocols and innovative POW/POS solutions.

Industry Leading Designers

Our developers are always working behind the scenes creating leading edge solutions. Most come from the earliest days in Blockchain Development

Live Support

Speak directly with one of our live support staff members to rapidly solve any issues that can lead to user dissatisfaction.

New Era of Energy Distribution

Our innovative solutions in renewable energy and energy storage reduce costs, stabilize the grid, and fully unlock the potential of clean energy sources.


A majority of the energy produced is wasted due to inefficiencies in the infrastructure – energy you have paid for. What if, instead of wasting this energy, you could remotely store it in the form of cryptocurrency?

With advanced nanotechnology and proven power management hardware, portable, modular and efficient energy storage systems, XecoinTM can allow recouping of lost energy and make it tradable.

Earn bonuses and rewards from trading XecoinTM. After 30 days, coins are released at 10% monthly and become freely tradable.

Loyalty award of additional 5-12% through controlled release of company’s stake. All coins in your wallet participate in the Capital growth program.

To match the supply and demand of clean energy, we have established a Global Energy Fund backed by clean technologies.

If you decide to liquidate your XecoinTM directly, rather than sell it on the open market, the fund will securely exchange it for usable energy (kWh) at an equivalent value to the cost of production at that time.

60% of the coins in current account is paid out each Friday, withdrawn to a bank or debit car, or used in our store.

40% of coins is kept in reserve account, and paid out each Friday with options to buy XecoinsTM.

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