What is Plexus Triplex?

A follow up to our first video. People wanted more information on what Plexus is all about. So we started with our most popular combo called the TriPlex! The TriPlex combo is actually 3 different products. The first is Plexus Slim “the Pink drink” it helps regulate blood sugar levels, increases energy levels, helps with sleep, curbs sugar cravings, and it tastes amazing! The second product is the Probio5, this is a one of a kind probiotic and is far superior to anything else on the market! It has 5 different strands of probiotics and 4 different enzymes to help digest food and break down Candida Yeast overgrowth in your gut! The third product is Biocleanse, this is not a run for the bathroom kind of thing. It is a gentle cleanse and it helps oxygenate your entire body. The whole combo does amazing things from people who need to loose weight, to people with autoimmune disorders. Everyone can benefit from what this powerful combo has to offer! For more information feel free to visit our website at www.plexusforyoubyashlie.com.

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